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As a leading technology innovator and problem solver for industry, Promac is committed to strategic growth and continuous improvement. This means that we’re always on the look out for the right motivated and skilled people for positions in engineering, machining and more. We offer a safe and rewarding place to work with a variety of challenging opportunities to build a great career as well as a great life. Our employees enjoy competitive compensation in their jobs, training and support, top-notch facilities and equipment and the chance to work alongside some of the very best in the business.

Ask our employees:

The best thing is the diversity in the job. Every day can be different… Some of the projects going through the shops are pretty amazing! It’s a great feeling to show friends and family pictures of what we do
I really enjoy the people I work with. There are some amazingly skilled and hard-working men and women that make up the Promac team. I have learned so much from my co-workers, and I really feel confident and supported by them. I really appreciate the opportunity to ply my trade to the best of my ability and help keep Promac a quality product.
I love having the ability to work closely with people from multiple disciplines to accomplish results not possible on my own. This includes people at Promac, outside experts and knowledgeable customers.
You become part of a team bigger than even Promac. I like learning new things from the top people in multiple fields. It’s satisfying to be an important piece in the solution to very challenging problems facing our customers.