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Innovative engineered system
solutions from design to final manufacture.

We’re ready for your toughest challenges.

Promac’s designers and engineers have the skills, ingenuity and equipment they need to meet almost any challenge. We do a lot more than sell parts and fix equipment – we work closely with our customers to assess their situation and conceive, design and manufacture customized, long-term engineered system solutions. Thanks to our wide-ranging in-house capabilities, we develop strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers, who rely on us for quick, efficient service and creative problem-solving.

Industries served

As a full-service engineering and manufacturing company, we have the know-how and technology to create large-scale solutions for the following industries:








Our skilled designers and engineers have the expertise, high-end equipment and modern facilities to meet almost any challenge.


Welding and fabrication

Manufacturing and assembly

Large steel fabrication

Repairs, rebuilds and improvements

Specialized material handling equipment

Core Services

We do a lot more than design and build custom, large-scale solutions for industry – we work closely with our customers and provide “above and beyond” services that allow us to deliver projects on time, on budget and on spec, at a fair and competitive price. These services include:

  • Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Manufacturing
  • Project planning and costing
  • On-site and remote engineering
  • 3D scanning and reverse engineering
  • Custom engineering and design
  • Repair and overall solutions
  • Installation kits and support

24/7 customer care

Our support team is available around the clock to help you solve problems, or – better yet – prevent them in the first place.

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Case Studies

The Latest Promac Solutions


Everyone is familiar with OEMs but Promac is really more of an OEI — or Original Equipment Improver. We take great pride in taking things apart and improving on the original design of almost anything from thumb-sized screws to massive logging booms. We reverse engineer equipment when drawings are no longer available and then work closely with client, engineering and fabrication team to produce something that is often a huge improvement over the original.» See all projects

Technology innovation

We’re building a world-class group

We’re extremely proud of our diverse, highly skilled team, which includes innovative engineers and designers constantly focused how to make our products better and build them faster. We’ve committed to investing in cutting-edge technology – for example, we’re the first in the industry to use 3D scanning to create sawmill and pulp mill parts. We’re the only company that can design, engineer, machine and fabricate virtually anything in-house, providing a complete range of services to all our customers.

» Want to join our team?

Customer care

You’ll work closely with our team

Our engineers and designers don’t just work for our clients – they work closely with them to ensure that we provide the best possible solution, whether it’s a repair, a re-design, a custom build or a process improvement. From start to finish, our customers help ensure that new parts and equipment are designed functionally, built efficiently and, once installed, used properly. This exceptional ability to engineer customized solutions contributes to the strong, long-lasting relationships we have with our customers.

For more information, please contact
Scott McKay, General Manager


Inhouse builds
  • Boiler parts
  • Conveyers
  • Chutes and screws
  • Material handling
  • Rotary Feeders

Engineering facilities and equipment
  • 3D Scanner
  • 8 design workstations outfitted with either ACAD or SolidWorks design software
Promac machine shop equipment compliment
  • 6  Manual Lathes
    • Chuck sizes ranging from 8” to 60”
    • Max turning diameters ranging from 15” to 60”
    • Max turning lengths ranging from 40” to 324”
    • Spindle Bores from 1.5” to 6”
  • 1 Manual Milling machine
    • Built for heavy loading with hydraulic table movement.
  • 1 TOS W100 horizontal boring mill
    • 49.21”x49.21” bed, 63” X, 49” Y, 44” Z Travels
    • 4” extendable quill, 360° table rotation, right angle head and tailstock
  • 1 UNION horizontal boring mill
    • 70” x 78” bed, 106”X, 78”Y, 63”Z Travels
    • 6” Extendable quill, 360° table rotation.
  • 1 Vertical slotter
  • 1 Fellows 6-36 Gear Shaper
    • 36” Max Cutting Diameter, 6” Max Cut Stroke.
  • 1 Surface grinder
    • 60” X Travel, 12” Y Travel
  • 1 Drill press
    • 48” Swing Arm
  • 3 Band Saws
    • 2 Vertical, one Horizontal, all with auto-feed function.
  • 1 Fromag Keyseater
    • 2” Max Key Width, 24” Max Key Length.
  • 1 Doosan 700LY CNC Lathe
    • 39” Max Turning Dia, 126” Max Turning Length, 11HP Live Tooling
  • 1 Doosan MX3000S Twin Spindle 9 Axis Mill Turn
    • 19.5” Max Turning Diameter, 40” Max Turning Length
  • 1 Nakamura Tome CNC Lathe
    • 13.75 Max Turning Diameter, 23.62” Max Length, Live tooling, Bar feeder
  • 1 Hitachi HT40 CNC lathe
    • 24” Max Diameter, 38” Max Length
  • 1 Pfauater Vertical Gear Hobb
    • 71” Max Gear Diameter, 1.75 Max DP
  • 2 Heckert shaft hobbs
    • 9” Max hobbing diameter, 120” Max hobbing length, 4” Spindle bore.
  • 1 Face and Center Machine
  • Manual Keyseater and Broach.
  • 200kw-10hz induction heat-treater
    • Induction Harden shaft sizes from 1” to 8” up to 100” Length
  • 2 Barber Coleman 16-56 Hobbs
    • Max Diameter 16”, Max Length 56”, Spindle Bore 4.125”
  • 2 Doosan DNM 650 3 Axis CNC Mills
    • 48”X, 24”Y, 18”Z Travels
  • 1 Hitachi HS500 4 Axis, 2 Pallet Horizontal CNC Mill
    • 19.7” Pallets, 26.8”X, 26.8”Y, 26.8”Z Travels
  • 1 Wele SB316 4 Axis Double Column Bridge Mill
    • 118”x59” Table, 120.5”X, 63”Y, 31.5”Z Travels
  • 2 – 10000lb Overhead Gantry Cranes


Promac fabrication shop equipment compliment
  • 1 300 Ton, High Speed Press
  • 1 Portable Press
  • 1 48” Plate Roll
    • ½ Inch Max plate thickness at 48” wide
  • 1 Ironworker
    • 50 Ton Capacity
  • 1 Vertical Band Saw (tilt head)
    • 12” bar capacity
  • 1 Portable Beam Punch
  • 1 Cut-off Saw (abrasive wheel)
  • 2 Rotobelt sander
  • 11 Welding Machines c/w feed stick MIG, TIG
    • All Shop staff are Canadian Welding Bureau Certified.
  • 1 Portable Welding Machine
  • 1 Plasma Burning Machine
  • 2 – 10 Ton Overhead Gantry Cranes.
  • Part of the Machinist + Aerospace workers associations
  • Our engineers are ASCT Certified (Applied Science Technologist and Technicians)
  • CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified